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Savion Cummings

Philadelphia, PA

16 Years Old

My dad died in November, now.. I have no dad . I don’t respect anyone, because people are always fake. But I really respected my dad. My family is not perfect! There is no perfect family, there is always someone causing BS. I have five brothers and four sisters. The earliest memory I have was when I was in preschool and my teacher gave me some food that she had and let me play phone games. With my dad dying, I still try to be happy, like, what? Are you trying to be sad? I’m usually happiest when I’m around women. Well, women I like.

Honestly the hardest thing about being a teenager is living up to the standards set up by teachers and parents. But, at this point we still have so many opportunities. I really do like caring about others and looking out for people. Just making sure that they are emotionally where they need to be. I feel like I have low self esteem too. So, everyone needs to be told they are important. You know? And I feel like every encounter I have is an opportunity to impact someone else. Interaction is the best part of school.

Do I believe In a religion? Heck no, heck no, heck no, heck no, every religion is a contradiction. The biggest problem in the world is racism. I am African American and so are most of my friends. But, I haven’t actually suffered from discrimination. I would be a woman for a day, as like a social experiment. Anyway, I feel like in the future, race may impact my success and that is a problem for me. All I want when I’m older is success.

Most of my information I get from what I read on the internet. Do I support the war? I thought that war was over. By the way, I’m voting for Trump.. Just kidding. I don’t really pay attention to the terrorist attacks in America. I feel like in this life money is made to be important. I work at McDonalds. I want to work at Old Navy, just because the pay is better and the chain isn’t as big.

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1. For my project I did a linoleum cut out, because it looked interesting. I ended up making a linoleum cut out of deadpool, who is a marvel mercenary.

2. I learned how roll out the paint and make it so that the picture comes out clearly.

3. The hardest thing about completing this project is making sure the paint is completely full and rolled perfectly.

4. My favorite part was actually making the design for the cut out.

5. I think I would have done a better job at rolling the paint.
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Ser Vs Estar

Ser VS Estar
For this poject I had to make a presentation on my knowledge of the "ser y estar" verbs. I also included other information that I thought was important to study.
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  1. Describe your project

I wanted to create a gag manga that was 12 pages. However, I was only able to finish a few pages of it.

  1. What knowledge did you already have about the project before you started?

I had already read and studied manga styles for several years.

  1. What new skill did you want to learn coming into the project?

I wanted to specifically learn about the style of gag manga.

  1. Did you accomplish this goal?

I didn’t accomplish my goal. I wasn’t able to get all 12 pages.

  1. How do you know you accomplished the goal? If you didn’t accomplish the goal, why do you think that is?

I didn’t accomplish my goal, because I redid all the pages I had already done.

  1. What other skill(s) did you learn along the way?

I learned how to do the shading in this style of manga.

  1. What are you most proud of in this project?

I think I was able to make the artwork look very professionally done.

  1. What would you do differently if you had to do the project over again?

I wouldn’t have redone some of my art, so that I could have done more pages.
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Gag Manga

A gag style manga is a type of manga that is more comical than most. Therefore, it is often drawn in a more of a flow and emphasis on a character's details. I want to learn about this type of manga, because I think it would best suit me and I have never looked into this type of manga before. I hope to make a 12 page gag manga that leaves the reader wanting more of it to read. 
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Art of Plate

My project is a simple small plate. I used paint to decorate the plate with two different colors. I also used some of the clay crafting materials to create an eye design in the center of the plate. I studied different tactics for crafting plates. I read about a tactic in which you create a long strand of clay. You then put the strand together to create a plate or a bowl. 
I learned how to smooth out the clay so that there are no sharp divots. I feel like I was able to create a plate that was suitable for use. I made sure that I used the clay carefully and used the hardening of the clay to my advantage. I also made it big enough to use for small amounts of food. I also learned how clay hardens. I learned that it needs to be hardened in a special way, so that it doesn't shatter. I am proud that I was able to smooth out the clay, because that was the hardest part of the project. I would have made the plate a little bit bigger, because it won’t hold a lot of food as is.

Art of The Plate

I started experimenting with the clay by making a spoon. However, after a few tries, I gave up on it because it continued to break. It was a fun way of experimenting and it was a good way of working on my skill. I felt like I was good at it and it was an effective way of creating art. The only problem was making it so that the clay hardened and didn't break. 

Untitled drawing (1)
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Tattoo Art

To view the art simply click on the image above.

As an young artist, I have loved the idea of art being taken into different types of mediums. I especially love the idea of transporting a piece of art onto the human body. I thought this project was the perfect opportunity to do just that. After deciding on what project I wanted to do, I decided what I wanted the tattoos to look like. I came up with the idea to have multiple tattoos that represents the important aspects of me. 

I did tattoos based on music, comics, etc. I decided to do these types of tattoos, because they were all things that I enjoy on a daily basis. I enjoy these things whether I'm happy, sad, mad, or tired. While making the art work before I made them into tattoo, I was able to really think about things that help me feel happy through out my life. I feel as if I was able to accomplish my original goal of making tattoo art have an impact on members of the community. I believe this because many people through the day were talking to me about the things that I had drawn around my arm. 

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Race Interview


My good friend Kia Holloway, tells about her experiences with dealing with racism during the sixties and how opinions on race have changed. She explains how most people dealt with race when she was a young child and how she would handle these types of situations now. She gives insight on the ideas and thoughts behind racism and how many African American felt and dealt with this discrimination.


Many people were afraid to speak up against discrimination based on race. Scared either to be assaulted or thrown in jail. Many figures such as Martin Luther King Jr had difficulty finding people to stand up against these problems. King found ways to convince people to stand with him. He did so by both making speeches and by going to jail himself to prove that the cause was worth the punishment.



RS: Hi, I’m gonna start by asking you your date of birth.

KH: My date of birth is November 5, 1959.

RY: Okay, and in our experience what are the major changes in the way people talk about race from the 1960s to now?

KH: Now they talk about race as if it was a fad, um and that its going to change just because someone is talking about it more. Now it is more socially acceptable to speak about the subject of racism and to verbally express out loud to social media or to anybody who will listen.

RS: Okay so back in the sixties for a white person to say the N word it wasn't as big of a deal as it would be now, right?

KH: I would have to say that it was a big deal, as equally a big deal then and now. However, its increased in size and venom.

RS: And have you ever found yourself judging people based on race?

KH: Yes

RS: Could you give an example of a time when you found yourself doing that?

KH: All the time.

RS: All the time, do you think, like when you first meet a person that it happens more often or do you find yourself doing it with people that you know. Like you’re more friend with,  that you know  about their life and their experiences?

KH: I would have to say that it happens on a more general basis, because I think its different levels to racism even though, or being a racist or using the word. For me, I'll have to say that it's the blatant racism, then there’s stereotypes and then there are tendencies. And so for me its not a racist where I wouldn't talk to somebody or I would treat them negatively because of our small race skin color differences. Mine would be more stereotypes and tendences, because it just happens to be a cultural item or thing.

RS: Difference?

KH: Difference!

RS: Instead of skin differences more of cultural...

KH: Because most stereotypes are actual truths in general. Good or bad.

RS: And I'm sure that you've witnessed someone being treated unfairly based on their race, especially in the sixties.

KH: Yes I have.

RS: And how did you react to that and how would you react to it now?

KH: In the sixties when witnessing the or experience something racist towards me it was that you just keep quiet, keep ur head down, and just accept it for what it is. There’s nothing you could do about it, except keep quiet and make it to the next thing.

RS: And what about now?

KH: Ask me the question again.

RS: How would you react now if you were treated unfairly or if you saw someone being treated unfairly based on their skin color? How would you react now?

KH: If I was being treated that way, based on the type of person I am, I would use a term considered a source, shrug my shoulders, and basically keep it moven.

RS: Uh-huh.

KH: If it affected my children or my money, then I would go about it diplomatically, but completely, as far as speaking up, out, and against it.

RS: And has anybody you've ever been close to ever made you rethink your opinions on race or has actually changed your opinions on race? And what is your current opinion on race, as far as how people are being treated and how you treat people and how people were treated?

KH: Yea, that was like 20 questions. Imma need you to narrow that down.

RS: Okay, has anyone ever changed your opinion on racism?

KH: I can’t say that anyone has changed my opinion on racism, because I've never really had an opinion. My view of racism was minimal, extremely minimal, compared to others. I empathize, I realize the struggle continues, however it’s not as prevalent in my life as to people in my community.

RS: And has race ever stopped you from reaching a goal?

KH: No?

(Audiotape stops recording)

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