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Final One Point Perspective

I drew this picture showing a room that only allow hard work in. As you can see the sun in the window it shows the room is bright. This relate to me as a bright person you should always work hard and never give up. Also a bright future to someone who has big dreams. 
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Talk More, Think Less


Talk More, Think Less, Hello World

I wrote this because I feel like it represents where I’m at in life, I am a very analytical, introverted person, but those kinds of people don’t do well in social places, so I’ve been making an effort to Talk More, Think Less.

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One Point Perspective

All for one, One for all

My back story is when me and my friends need help with something we all help each other and try to help them and find a solution to the problem. We never like to see each other in a hard time so we try as much as we can to get them through it. That's why my 6 words are All for one, One for all cause we all help each other to become one. In my drawing I put pictures of people on the wall to represent my friends. I also choose to put a lot seats cause their is where me and my friends seat to talk about our problems.

Sierra Harvey 
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Art Project

'​Eat alot of candy and die' is my six word memoir. This connects to my artwork because in my room there is candy on the table and most of the things there is drawn as a piece of candy. This is to show my obsession over candy and how much I love candy but there is consequence of eating a lot of candy. You can die. When I was a kid I would eat a lot of candy and my mom tried hiding the candy. I always ended up finding the hiding spot. My mom had stop buying candy but my older cousin would buy me candy. One day my mom told me if I kept on eating candy I would die. I believed her at the time because I was a child. 
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Feeling nostalgic like a polaroid picture

Feeling nostalgic like a Polaroid picture

I wanted to make a room for a character that is in love with the time between the 60's and 90's. This character has a very simplistic room that only has a few items that are very important to this character. These items are a record collection, an old Polaroid camera, and some posters of their favorite bands. This character would be an introverted teenager that likes material items more than other people.
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Final One Point Perspective Project

"I'm cracking up. I'm cracking up."
My backstory to this is I say this a lot and everyone knows that I say this for different meanings. For example, I say I'm cracking up to when things are really funny and to things that I think is annoying. I also say this to express how I feel about certain things. My 6 word memoir connects to my room because it shows that I am watching television and it shows me and my life when I'm saying, "I'm cracking up." One experience that illustrates how I arrived at the memoir is when I realized that I had to think of something that resembles my life I thought of something that I say a lot to every situation in my life which is, "I'm cracking up. I'm cracking up."
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1 Point Perspective


Lost family.Gained friendships.Life happens.

In the beginning of this year I was going through a lot,like losing my grandmother and cousin back to back.But even though there were hard times I still had friends and family who were there for me and still are.Even when the good and bad things happen don’t let it stop you because LIFE STILL GOES ON.And that’s what I had to learn.The pictures in my drawing represents friends and family in my life.
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One Point Perspective

"I can never get it right"

I chose this because I can relate to it the most in some ways. When I learn a new lesson in Algebra class and I try to solve the problem I never get it right I end up getting the wrong a
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1 Point Perspective

My 6 word memoir is: In A Cage I’m Still Free. The reason I chose this as my memoir is because I can still be happy despite the environment, because happiness is something in your mind not a physical object. To show this in my drawing I made the room look bleak by having little color and having the window shuttered, giving off an isolated vibe. The furniture I added was things that are found in my room to also show the change of environment in an area to something negative.

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One Point Perspective Drawing

I found myself through beautiful music.


As I drew this I realized the connection between my six word memoir. I chose this memoir not to say I learned who I truly was through physical music but there are things of art I found myself through. I know growing up I loved the comfortable environmental setting and I always loved fashion. All of these things are included because I love nature and I love my sleep too.

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