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What Video Games do to your Brain -Max Harris

I chose this topic because I was interested in what video games does to your brain. I have heard many things about how it "rots your brain", but I wanted to know the facts. I hope that you learn the pros and cons about playing video games, and I also hope that you understand that everything (almost everything) is okay in moderation.
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NBA Finals Infographic by Tronta P.

My infogrpahic is about the National Basketball Associations (NBA) Finals games. In this infographic I detail what it is and some historic facts about it that may surprise you. If you do not know much about basketball I think you will learn a little something from this infographic. If you do know a little about the game I think you will like the visual and some of the facts so, enjoy! 
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Heels V.S Sneakers Infographic

I chose to do heels versus sneakers because those are common things that girls/ women go through to look pretty. But as the saying says" Pretty hurts" and they sure are going through a lot of pain. I want people to know what things can happen when they are putting on a pair of heels and what damage can be done.
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I chose this topic because I was watching a show where it said that " many people is calling for a young death by eating junk food a not are not moving a lot". It also said that by " eating a lot of junk food and not exercising your heart is changing color from red to yellow and is not good". So I decided to learn more about and teach others about I learn what I learned.
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August Alsina Infographic

My infographic is about August Alsina. I chose this because he is my favorite celebrity. Also many people don't like him but they also don't know much about him. I learned new things about him while doing this project. I learned things I would've never known while completing this project.
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Top 3 NFL Quarterbacks

I chose to do this infograhpic because I have a great interest in football and I wanted to make this project reflect that. This infograhpic is to help the football fans out there know what players are in the top ranks when it comes to football regarding the QBR in their best games and their overall total QBR. This infographic will help inform people of the best players in the league from the year of 2014

Mobile Phones Infographic

I chose this Infographic topic because I feel that everyone feels that their cell phone is the most important thing in their pocket or purse. Cell phones have been the most interesting thing and most focused on thing on the Earth today. Billions of people have cell phones today and that number will increase as long as our population of humans increase and cell phones will evolve as long as humans evolve.


I chose this topic because I want to represent my country and its tradition that my family still follows even if we are in America. I hope that from my infographic people would understand my country's tradition and how it is different from American culture. I'm proud of my country and it's tradition and it is apart of my identity as a Sudanese.