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How to Shoot a Basketball the Correct Way

The reason I chose this topic was because there are a lot of students and even teachers that would like to know how to shoot a basketball the correct way. So I am creating this to help them learn how to shoot a basketball the right way and start to make a higher percentage of their shots. From this info graph I want people to learn to shoot a basketball the correct way.
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Infographics about Bullying

Everyone hates being bullied. It is meaningful because people need to speak up to adults they can help. It was my topic because everyone went through this and it's time for people to speak up, and help stop bullying.

GMO Inforgraphic

I choose this topic because I feel as though GMO's are a major health concern for our generation. 
I hope that the people who view this info-graphic will see the dangers in genetically modified foods.
Maybe an advocate for non-GMOs might come across this info-graphic and get inspired to stand up against it.

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Self Love Infographic

I chose this topic because it is something a lot of teenagers struggle with. According to, by middle school 40-70 percent of girls are dissatisfied with two or more parts of their body and their body satisfaction hits rock bottom between the ages of 12-15. Hopefully this will help people build their self esteem.

The Facts of Social Media

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I hope that people will learn that social media will have a mission for its users and how popular they are now a days. I choose this picture because social media is still big til this day. Next, people need to know that its not just created for bullying, its created to express your self, share things with others and know the latest news.