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The Internet and You

The internet affects everyone.It affects me by having me think more critically of what I'm posting and how it will affect others.It affects others because they become more aware of everything that happens around them.My number one rule for posting online is be creative and don't be a troll because no one likes a troll.
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Obesity In America Infographic

My Infographic is about Obesity in this country, and how it affects us. I decided to do my infographic on this topic because with my mother in my house as a nutritionist I am often told about the affects obesity has on people. I thought that someone would benefit from knowing the specific facts about obesity in this country. 

Light Speed Infographic

I did my Infographic on light-speed travel, but more about if a human were to ever reach or surpass light speed. ​I chose this topic because physics, and astrophysics in particular, is something that I enjoy doing and working on. I hope that people will learn never to try and achieve light speed, they would die in the process. 


What I created was an android vs. iphone. I created this because I wanted to show people how many facts and information there was to know about iphones. I know that there are many people who have iphones and many people who have androids so why not show them why iphones are good and why androids are good. The last reason I created an infographic is because I wanted to not show which one is better but, why there are both good to use and why they're ok to have
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Your Weight on Other Planets Infographic

Astronomy is extremely intriguing. I figured that it'd be interesting to look at the how a person's weight would change if they were on different planets (which would vary depending on the mass of the planet). 
I made my findings into an infographic in order to share it with others. 

Raising a Puppy Infographic

I chose this topic to educate people on how to properly care for a puppy. I hope people learn what to feed a puppy, how to give them a responsible amount of treats, and more about the age stages of a puppy, and how long puppy-hood lasts. It is important to know how to properly care for a puppy, since they are such a big responsibility, and my Infographic should give some helpful tips.
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Infopgraphic On Tv Shows

I chose this because Tv is something I believe everyone in my audience could relate to, so this would be a less complex topic to discuss. I also chose this topic because is a part of my everyday life even though I may not watch programs on tv everyday in some way I may still may use my tv. Lastly, I chose this topic because I feel tv and electronics are apart of American culture so I wanted to include this into my project