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Gaming Graphics

I choose gaming graphics because i love video games. For a while i have interested in learning about the evolution of the graphics that help make the game.   
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Jigglypuff Infograph

My info-graph is made to describe Jigglypuff from Super Smash Brothers.I decided to do my info-graph on her because she has been in every Smash Brothers game and that is one of my favorite game series. I show many of of Jigglypuff's moves and how much damage the move does next to the attack input name


​The reason why i chose to do my infographic on tigers because they are one of my favorite animal. they are very interesting. I also wanted to show everyone facts about tigers and why i like them so much. 
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Asperger's Syndrome Inforgraphic

I chose this topic because I myself have  Asperger's Syndrome. I want other people to know about what I and other people have. I hope that more people know about this particular type of autism and how it affects the ones who have it


I chose this topic because it gives me more time to learn about the certain criteria that an infographic needs to meet in order to be efficient. It also shows that I have a personal interest in making an infographic. By viewing this post, I hope that people wiil know more about making infographics.
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Basketball Infograph

I chose this because I love basketball.I enjoy the game and talking about the stats of current players.I decided I would share my knowledge of this particular sport and talk about the players 

Soccer Infograph

I chose this topic the, richest soccer players because I love soccer. It's my life and I would like to know who gets paid the most for playing it. All of these players I know(not personally) and agree with how much accept for two Ronaldo and Messi. Messi beat more world records then Ronaldo.

Signs of the Zodiac Infographic

I chose to do the Zodiac Signs for my infographic because I find the Zodiac very interesting. Everyone knows about the Zodiac, but only their names and what they are. This infographic Gives information about the Zodiac that most people don't know.