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Tech Project

1. Title: Declassified survival guide to the internet 

2.There is a woman who has her hands on her head and stressed out with bold letters Spelling stress 

3.There is a boy on the beach sticking his head into the ground out of embarrassment with the letters in bold spelling out Embarrassment 

4. A yellow and black CAUTION sign with other letters spelling out the word Caution in bold 
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The internet and you

Slide 1 - There is a boy who is thinking 

Slide 2 - There is a person meditating showing self - control

Slide 3 - This is a picture of a baby and a dad and there holding hands showing loyalty 
Slide 4 - This last slide is a guy who is giving  a helping hand  to another guy showing that people are helping.
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The Internet and the Real You

Slide 1

With any comment or picture that you post or share have a purpose and be creative to share or entertain.

Slide 2

Think deeply about what you post rather if it's a picture or a comment.

Slide 3

I'f your post involves others make sure that it's ok with the other person if you mentioned them in a comment or post. Do that to avoid any and all conflict.

Slide 4

Stay True to what you post if it's negative don't post it or add to the problem. If no one told you to change something about the picture or video don't do it. Stay true and original to the original post.
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The Internet and You

Slide 1: This is my title slide 

Slide 2: The second slide informs you that the decisions that you make can and will have an effect on you whether it is posting or texting somebody can have have an effect on you whether if it's negative or positive. Beware what you do online because i can guarantee you that what ever you do online will come back to you. So it's very important to beware of the decisions that you make while you are online

Slide 3: The third slide has the word emotions. I chose this word because this is the main antagonistic thing that motivates us to do the things that we do whether it's online or not. Our feelings and emotions help us make our decisions in life when we don't know what to do. Some times emotions get the best of people which motivates people to do things such as cyber bully someone else because of how that particular person feels at that particular moment. With this being said your emotions definitely effect others while you are online because sometimes people end up saying things on the internet that aren't even true about a person just to humiliate a person based on how they had felt at that moment. So your emotions definitely have an affect on you.

Slide 4: The most important rule for me online besides being careful on what you do online is to not entertain or give any attention to internet trolls if you have them. First off an internet troll is somebody who is constantly leaving negative comments on things that you put on the internet. When you don't pay the troll any mind they will eventually go away because usually when a person doesn't pay attention to you the way the want you to then they will eventually lose interest. It's just like you liking somebody, but if they constantly don' show you any attention in some point of time you'll lose interest in that person and leave them alone. It is the exact same mentality for internet trolls. So to end my point just ignore internet trolls.
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Social Media

​Slide 1 - My first slide explains that the comments I post on other people's photo's show if i' am a nice person or not.

slide 2 - This slide shows the content that I post online can offend other people.

slide 3 - My last slide explains that you should be safe online and put your account on private.
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The Internet and You

Slide 1//  The way your online choices affect you are that when posting online you have to make sure what you are posting is good for your future. 
Slide 2// When your posting online the way it effects others is that you have to make sure your doing a good impressions and making good choices. Because good and bad things can happen that will effect others.
Slide 3// My number one rule when posting online is to make sure what your posting respects others. When being online don't come off as a troll and respect others. By doing this your letting more kindness into the world and coming a better community.
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The Internet&You

Slide 1- The word that I put for how my online choices affect me is decisions. Your decisions online will affect what people think of you.

Slide 2- The word that I put for how my online choices will affect others is character. If my character online is rude and mean and I put something like that under someones picture it may make them feel bad about themselves. If my character is happy and nice and I put something positive under someones picture it will make them feel good about themselves.

Slide 3- When your online, you must think before you post and make sure you are doing the right thing.
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The Internet and you

Slide 2 says Jobs: saying that the things that you post on social media can effect if your able to get a job or not.  

Slide 3 says Feelings: saying that the things that you post can make people feel some type of way. 

Slide 4 says Careful: This is my most important thing that you need to do when on the internet. Whatever you post can offend people and can effect the jobs that you want in the future. 
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Internet and You Project

Slide one:  This slide shows that community effects me due to others in that community with me.
Slide two: My second slide shows how privacy effects many other people in a personal and public way.
Slide three: My third slide shows friendship and I used this because friendship effects be and also others.
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Zion's Blog Post

On slide one I am fine with any what I post online, it doesn't really affect me at all and it doesn't really matter what I post. On slide two what I post people really don't care, they usually have no thought about it whatsoever. On slide three my biggest rule for online is safety, stay away from scary stuff. On slide four I am talking about explicit stuff online, you have to be careful what you post or watch. On slide five the greatest thing about being online is how fun the internet can be. You can play games, find family, and it makes life a whole lot easier. 
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